Helping Our Humans offers specialized counseling and consulting for pet owners. Pets enrich our lives in many ways, and often times they are considered part of the family.

Pet owners find a number of concerns arise during the life of their pet. When your pet is faced with a challenge it can leave you feeling helpless, uncertain, embarrassed or isolated.


Helping Our Humans offers support specifically for you during those challenging times.

Short term counseling is available on a fee for service basis.

We are mobile and can meet you wherever is convenient.


Any issue where a pet’s human needs extra support, Helping Our Humans is there for you.

The following are examples of concerns that can be addressed:

Pet Loss and Grief

Chronic illness

End of life care and decisions

Challenging behaviors (i.e. separation anxiety, aggression)

New adoptions



Pet's grief

Adding new pets to the home



Initial 50 minute Session $140

Ongoing 50 minute Session $115

Consultation 50 minute Session $140

Telephone consultation 30 minutes $75




Kim Brundage founded Helping Our Humans in order to merge her passion about animals with her experience and expertise working with people in the human service industry. Kim is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has a Masters and Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in Mental Health Counseling from Suffolk University. She has been working in the mental health field for 15 years. She has been a dedicated dog owner for 20 years with a wealth of experiences.



Ollie, age 6, Schnoodle

Raised since puppyhood and is a spunky, loveable boy

Coco, Rottweiler , 5/11/07 - 6/26/17

Kim gave Coco her forever home on 2/21/16 in a hospice adoption.  Sweetest dog you would ever meet. She had adrenal gland cancer and was expected to live for only months.  She enjoyed 16 happy months!  

Hannah, Shepherd/Chow,  7/31/97 - 4/27/10

Raised from puppyhood she was the first love.  



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